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Links to other great sites. If you would like to add your site here just e-mail me at and tell me your URL, site name and if you have banner, e-mail me that

My Other Anime Sites

This is my SM site. It's still under construction.
This is my Ryoko shrine. This site is still under some heavy construction.

Bishoujos and Bishonens Links

Pocket Bishoujos

A cool site thats almost like Pokemon but its with only girls and to catch them you have to answer three questions.

Pocket Bishonens

The same thing as the above link only thing is that they are men.
CardCaptor Sakura and other anime links

This is also dedicated to Syaoran n Sakura. It has all most eveything there. It's a very cool site.

A site, ring and a search engine that has members that give out awards.

A site dedicated to S+S and also has info on the other characters in CCS.

Once again another site dedicated to S+S. Check it out its very nice.

A cool site that must be seen. Check it out its really cool.

A really cool site. Has ALOT of things to do there and I mean alot.

A cool site that has ALOT of anime fics and some of my work is posted there.

A very nice site. It's a really must see site.

Hey this site is pretty cool site but  i say that for all of them only cause they are.

A cool site that has really nice graphics!

A really cool site. It has fun games too.

A really nice site. Do visit.

A very cool site and it really looks nice too.

Wow this such a cool site and it has a really nice layout. You must visit.

Another cool site. It has everything on CardCaptors. Another must see.

This site is very cool and nice and it's all about Gundam Wing.

A very cool and nice site that i've seen change tiwce. Do check it out.