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Here you will find great stories by great authors. So if you have a story submit it here just read the submitting rules first. This means that the fic is new.

The Haunted House

(This is not a chapter story)
This story is not up yet,sorry.
They wanted to see if the old mill hill house was really haunted and well I think they found out...the hard and scary way.S+S n E+T
This story will not be up yet for about another week, sorry.
Li Returns
See what happens when syaoran returns to Japan after 6 years. S+S n E+T
Daughter of Darkness

It was hard capturing every single Clow Card and Sakura was ready for a break...that was until she started having diffrent antagonizing dreams.Why was Li trying to kill her?And why is he barely talking to her? There's something Sakura doesn't know and she's bound to do anything to find out, even if it means giving her life.

(this story is not a chapter story)
Syaoran and Sakura's class is graduating! Will Syaoran's friends convince him to confess to Sakura before it's too late?
The Lost Card
This is just a description from what I have read so far. Well Sakura wakes to a mad brother and Li is sensing something that is not good. What Will happen. Lets find out. (kind of a dinky description huh. hehe)