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Hello and welcome to the contest section. Here I will be holding contest for you to enter. This months contest is:

The Best Fanfic Contest
1. You must write a fic that has Sakura, Syaoran, Eriol and Tomoyo in it.
2. They can be whatever and where ever you want them.
3. It can be any kind of story.
4. When your done plz send it in html, htm or txt format.
5. Tell us your name, story name, story description and what kind of theme it is.

Well thats all. Now was that so hard? Also if you do not win, don't worry cuz I'll post your fics in the fanfic section. For the winner they get thier fic posted up in the fanfic section, they get an award and if they have a site they get their name and site URL on the main page of this site.


Also I will need some judges for this contest. So if you would like to be a judge plz email me your name and email address and you'll be one of my judges.
I would only like about four judges.
Note: I also change the contest every month.