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Award Request
If you have a site that isn't CCS related and would like to win an award thats goes with your site or any special kind of award you would like me to make, I'll do it. Also this is for any ppl who are new making sites and need alil help and that they really want to make awards but don't have the time, thats what this is for too.

For sites that would like to win an award:
1. Email me your name, site name, site url and what kind of award you want.
2. You really have to describe the award and how you want it.

For ppl who are new with making sites and need some help:
1. Email me your name and site url
2. Plz tell me what kind of award it is and what you want said on it.
3. Tell how many awards you want me to make.

Well thats all. Also it would be nice if you gave credit to me for the work I did. Plz email me here: