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The New Quiz!!
Thanks a whole bunch to 'Sakura' for making this cool quiz for my site. She worked real hard on these questions too. Here is a link to her CCS site.
Also her site is sooo Kawaii!!!!! Do visit.

This game is basically a quiz, and all you have to do is read the question
and answer it. Also it’s all multiple choice questions, sounds easy, well
then let’s see how you do! If you get 18 and higher right you get an award. Remeber to write down your answer so you can write them in the form at the bottom.

1.Where does Sakura have a drawer filled with clothes?
A) Beside her desk
B) In the closet
C) In front of her bed
D) In a basket

2. What was the stuffed animal that was bouncing around in the jump card
A) The elephant
B) The monkey
C) The panda
D) The frog

3. At the end of jump card episode and in kero’s corner, why didn’t he talk
about Torri’s room?
A) Because he doesn’t have one
B) Because the show never really showed it much
C) Because Torri always kept it locked
D) Because Kero couldn’t find it

4. For the second version of the first episode “One Fateful Day” what two
cards were captured?
A) The fly card and the rain card
B) The fly card and the cloud card
C) The fly card and the wind card
D) The fly card and the sand card

5. In the episode “Meilin’s Story” why did Meilin leave back to Hong Kong?
A) She had to get away from Sakura
B) To train and come back to show help Li capture the clow cards
C) Because her grandma got ill and she had to go and see her
D) She didn’t want to get in the way of Li capturing the clow cards

6. How many tries did it take for Sakura to pass ‘The Final Judgment’?
A) 3
B) She didn’t try
C) 1
D) 2

7. On the first episode, when Sakura heard noises coming from her dad’s
library, what did she use to protect herself?
A) Her baton
B) A broom
C) A stick
D) Backpack

8. There were two parts to the “Last Card” episode, what card did Sakura
A) The fire card
B) The rain card
C) The mist card
D) The earth card

9. In the episode when Sakura capture both the wood and rain card, Sakura
had to do chores, what chores did Kero have to do?
A) Watering the plants
B) Do the laundry
C) Make the beds
D) None of the above

10. What is Sakura’s school emblem?
A) Wreath
B) Griffin
C) Shield
D) Wings

11. What is Torri’s magical ability?
A) See into the future
B) See into the spirits world
C) He has none
D) Annoying Sakura

12. What is the symbol on Meilin’s battle costume?
A) Yue’s symbol
B) Wei’s name
C) A target
D) A ying-yang

13. How did Sakura wake up in the morning before school started to meet Li
to practice for the play?
A) Kero yelled in her ear
B) She didn’t wake up
C) Sakura borrowed Torri’s and her dad’s alarm clock
D) Li gave her a phone call

14. Who made the Sakura doll?
A) Sakura did
B) It was a gift left behind from her mother
C) Madison did
D) Her dad bought it for her

15. Why did Sakura and Meilin go to the temple?
A) Jewels
B) Clow card
C) Amulets
D) To find Ms. McKenzie

16. Where did Sakura go when she was thinking of the consequences losing to
A) Her house
B) The temple
C) Outside the school
D) The forest

17. What did Kero dislike in Madison’s design in the headset?
A) The structure
B) The colors
C) The durability
D) The comfort

18. In the episode of the water card, how did Julian save Sakura from
A) He used the emergency axe
B) He swam under water and saved her
C) He broke the whirlpool around Sakura’s ankle
D) Torri saved her

19. How did Sakura capture the silence card?
A) Li assisted her
B) With the help of Madison’s flashlight and the shadow card
C) She used two of her element cards
D) Is was like an everyday capture

20. What is on the cell phone that Madison gave for both Sakura and Kero?
A) A screen
B) A heart
C) A sun
D) Nothing

21. The episode “Powers Ploy” what animal did Sakura team do?
A) Giraffe
B) Chimpanzee
C) Elephant
D) Zebra

22. On the episode when Sakura finds the wood card under the carpet, what
did she say she’d make for Kero after she was done her chores?
A) A big sandwich with extra toppings
B) Pudding
C) Sundae
D) Strawberry shortcake

23. What is Madison’s moms name?
A) Sammi
B) Amanda
C) Mandi
D) Samantha

24. Who owns the “Twin Bells” store?
A) Madison’s mom
B) Maggie
C) Jessie’s mom
D) No such thing

25. Who was the first to fall on the ice in the episode “Ice Breaker”?
A) Sakura
B) Li
C) Madison
D) Ms. McKenzie

26. Who’s a really good skater?
A) Madison
B) Sakura
C) Ms. McKenzie
D) Li

27. Which of the following is not a clow card of the moon?
A) Jump card
B) Time card
C) Fly card
D) Wood card

28. In the episode when Sakura captures the Illusion card, the first time
Madison saw it what did she see?
A) Sakura’s mom
B) A monster
C) A slug
D) A hamburger

29. In the episode of the time card, how many times did Kero, Sakura and Li
have to repeat the same day again?
A) 4
B) 3
C) 2
D) 1

30. What card did Sakura use to capture the earth card?
A) The windy card
B) The wood card
C) The water card
D) The fire card